Pastor Vincent Imwensi

Welcome to Youths Arena

This is a rich, exciting and well resourced website for youths from all walks of life.

I believe that well over 30% of the entire world population are youths – (that is from teenagers to those in their late twenties). This is a group with special needs and challenges which ought to be addressed more specifically. This is all the more important when we realize that what eventually becomes of a person’s life is often traceable to the foundation that is laid during this period or stage of one’s life.

It is therefore the mission of our ministry (Living Word Revival Ministries) through this website, to reach out to the youths at their own level bringing to them truths that are vital to their success and victory in life.

That is not to say that only those who are within the youths category can benefit from this website. As you will discover, the materials on this website though designed with the youths in mind will bless anyone.

It is our prayer that God will use this website to richly bless and transform the lives of all who use it to His own glory and praise, amen.

Pastor Vincent Imwensi